The long tradition of our notary’s office

In the year 1900, this office was described as Notary’s Office Munich VI, though the Roman numeral does not denote its foundation or anything else.

The list of predecessors in office can be reconstructed exactly:

1862 – 1873 Anton Schlichthörle
1875 – 1900 August Otto
1900 – 1902 Otto von Rücker
1902 – 1930 Anton Boeck
1930 – 1935 Dr. Julius Keim
1935 – 1953 Peter Götz (in partnership with Munich I, Dr. Feyock)
1953 – 1974 Dr. Karl Friedrich Dr. Karl Friedrich (first in partnership with Munich I, Dr. Feyock, then with Dr. Emil Beck)
1975 – 1995 Rainer Scholz
1995 – 2006 Dr. Wolfram Eckhardt
seit 2006 Prof. Dr. Hartmut Wicke

The aforementioned partnership with the notary’s office of Munich I was entered into after the war, but already existed in any case in the year 1950. When the president of the Bavarian Chamber of Notaries and Notary Account, Dr. Feyock, retired, the partnership was broken up by decree and the two old offices Munich I and Munich VI were each connected to a new office. Dr. Emil Beck became the associate of Dr. Karl Friedrich.

1971- 2001 Dr. Emil Beck
2001- 2014 Rudolf Spoerer
 – 2014Sebastian Herrler