Starting business

The business idea exists from the start. But a businessperson must face countless hurdles before success is within reach. Some of these may be legal in nature. A notary helps to overcome these hurdles; for example, through consulting in the choice of the correct legal form, upon which much depends, like the question of personal liability, the organisation of the company or taxation and accounting.

A businessperson should also make provisions in case of death or keep track of a possible divorce, so that the existence of the company is not endangered. If the company is founded by several people, their various interests must be balanced. A notary drafts a balanced and tailor-made company charter and ensures entry into the trade register, which can today only be requested in electronic form.

Restructuring, acquisition, and sale of companies

Companies today exist within a constantly changing market which continuously develops new tax-related and legal conditions. A businessperson must therefore regularly check whether his company structure is still as suitable as it was in the past. The law offers countless opportunities to switch from one form of corporate organisation to another. Besides the change in legal form, a merger with another company or the separation of one business section may be necessary. Business decisions of particular importance are the acquisition or sale of the company or of parts of the company, especially in connection with succession planning. Therefore clear-sighted contract organisation and careful supervision is necessary to minimise risks. A notary can advise you in all these cases, often together with domestic or foreign solicitors, certified accountants and tax consultants.