The notary is an impartial and independent advisor. As mediator of the contracting parties’ interests, he is tasked with preventing disagreeable conflicts beforehand by means of appropriate organization and clear wording. The solutions he develops are recorded in the notarial documentation. The notarial certificate corresponds to a particularly high probative value. For important legal transactions (e.g. buying a home, starting or restructuring a business), it is in fact mandatory according to law.

Notaries are independent holders of a public office and are appointed by the minister of justice. After completion of both legal state examinations, the notary must still finish a period of special training lasting several years in order to ensure his qualification. A notary interacts with you as a service provider, but also as a holder of public office. In this capacity, he represents the state, as his seal and the coat of arms demonstrate.

Notarial certificates attest agreements made and the identities of the respective parties even decades afterwards. National registries (land registry, company register, register of associations) rely on the accuracy of a notary’s certificate for their entries.